To link VMInvoice to your Virtuemart based website follows the steps below:

Unzip the file (received after purchase) into a folder, you will have the following 4 files:

- vm_invoice.php

- vm_invoice.html

- configuration. vm_invoice.1.1.php

- configuration. vm_invoice.2.0.php

Configuring php script

Edit the script file called configuration.vm_invoice.1.1.php or configuration.vm_invoice.2.0.php (depending on your Virtuemart version), changing the username and password as shown below.



Important: The username and password are required and are just for internal script use. They can be different than those of Joomla Administration account.

If your Virtuemart uses a different prefix then default for tables you can modify the line:


Replace the vm_ with the prefix in use on your Virtuemart site.

Note: do not modify any other line of the configuration file otherwise the system will not able to properly connect to your Virtuemart site.

Once modified the script file configuration.vm_invoice.1.1.php or configuration.vm_invoice.2.0.php you have to put the 3 files:

- vm_invoice.php

- vm_invoice.html

- configuration.vm_invoice.1.1.php or configuration.vm_invoice.2.0.php

on the Joomla main folder of your web site (typically where you have these files: index.php, index2.php, configuration.php, etc.) as shown on the picture.

Important: do not put both configuration.vm_invoice files but only the correct one according to Virtuemart version.

Check Virtuemart settings

To allow VMInvoice working fine it's important to have fields extra_field_1 (this field is used to store customer Vat ID) and extra_field_2 defined in the Virtuemart, Administration, User Fields.

Please check the above fields and in case they're not present create them.

Configuring VMInvoice settings

- From Utility menu choose Settings.

- On the form select page Virtuemart.

- Fill the form called Connection Settings as follow and press SAVE button when finished:

Web Site: this field is automatically inserted by the program according to the activation received.

Username: write the username youve specified in the configuration.vm_invoice.x.x.php.

Password: write the password youve specified in the configuration.vm_invoice.x.x.php.

Orders Import settings

In this section you'll find a parameter to import order with a status only, select from the combo field the status. If the status is not present just type the corresponding status letter you have in your Virtuemart Control Panel.

Price list and Shopping group settings

If you want to import Products prices you have to insert the different Shopper Groups Name according to those you have defined on your Virtuemart web site.